Nextflow and AWS Batch - Using Tower (3 of 3)

In the first article in this series, we looked at AWS Batch, described some key concepts, and explained the Nextflow execution model. In the…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenAug 08, 2022

Nextflow and AWS Batch – Inside the Integration (2 of 3)

In the first of this series of articles on Nextflow and AWS Batch, we looked at AWS Batch, describe some key concepts and explained the…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenAug 01, 2022

Nextflow and AWS Batch – Inside the Integration (1 of 3)

One of the reasons for Nextflow’s popularity is that it decouples pipeline logic from underlying execution environments. This, in…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenJul 11, 2022

Announcing Illumina DRAGEN integration with Nextflow Tower

DRAGEN is a platform provided by Illumina that offers accurate, comprehensive, and efficient secondary analysis of next-generation…

Harshil Patel
Paolo Di Tommaso
Harshil Patel & Paolo Di TommasoJun 23, 2022

Workflow Automation for Nextflow Pipelines

Seqera is often approached for guidance on how to streamline the execution of workflows in production environments. For example…

Graham Wright
Graham WrightJan 26, 2022

Seqera Announces Support for AWS for Health Initiative

We are pleased to announce support for the AWS for Health initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS), a collaboration that allows Nextflow…

Robert Lalonde
Robert LalondeJul 26, 2021

Optimizing Workflows with Nextflow

When it comes to running bioinformatics workflows in the cloud, infrastructure matters. Bioinformaticians have multiple choices, including…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenJul 19, 2021

Tower Forge for AWS Batch

AWS Batch is a fantastic service which provides virtually unlimited computing capacity and manages all the complexity of provisioning VMs…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenJul 01, 2020