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Introducing the Seqera Platform - one platform for the data analysis lifecycle

We have a new logo, a new design, and many exciting improvements in store for you! Four years after our initial launch of Tower in 2019, and…

Noel Ortiz
Noel OrtizOct 18, 2023

The State of the Workflow 2023: Community Survey Results

In March, we ran our annual State of the Workflow Community survey to get a sense of activities and preferences in the Nextflow user…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenApr 25, 2023

The State of the Workflow 2023: The Nextflow and nf-core community survey

This is a special year for Nextflow, as we will be celebrating in a couple of weeks its 10th anniversary. With a vibrant community of over…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenMar 01, 2023

Announcing Labels in Tower

A powerful new way to organize and track pipelines, runs, actions, and more in Nextflow Tower. We’re excited to announce new capabilities…

Mattia Bosio
Mattia BosioAug 24, 2022

Announcing Nextflow Support for Google Cloud Batch

Easy access to scalable cloud resources is a game-changer for organizations engaged in life sciences research. By running portable and…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenJul 13, 2022

Announcing Illumina DRAGEN integration with Nextflow Tower

DRAGEN is a platform provided by Illumina that offers accurate, comprehensive, and efficient secondary analysis of next-generation…

Harshil Patel
Paolo Di Tommaso
Harshil Patel & Paolo Di TommasoJun 23, 2022

The State of the Workflow 2022: Community Survey Results

With 384 responses, we received record-breaking participation in our latest State of the Workflow community survey. We are thrilled to…

Gord Sissons
Gord SissonsMay 23, 2022

Pipeline Secrets: Secure Handling of Sensitive Information in Tower

In the modern scenario of credentials-driven access to data resources, Nextflow users frequently need to safely transmit sensitive…

Mattia Bosio
Mattia BosioApr 21, 2022

State of the Workflow 2022: The Nextflow and nf-core community survey

The Nextflow community has continued to grow over the past year with over 10,000 scientists, engineers and developers now reading our…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenFeb 08, 2022

nf-core June 2021 Updates - The latest news from the nf-core team

The nf-core project fosters collaborative development and best-practices for the Nextflow community. Now counted in the thousands of users…

Phil Ewels
Phil EwelsJul 02, 2021

The State of Nextflow 2021

In February 2021, Seqera ran the first-ever State of the Nextflow Community Survey. We received a great response rate with 236 participants…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenMar 10, 2021

Break-through Science - Machine Learning and Imaging Pipelines using Nextflow

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Felix Morency, the CTO of Imeka, a customer that is using Nextflow for managing imaging data…

Robert Lalonde
Robert LalondeFeb 08, 2021

State of Nextflow Survey 2021

As more users adopt Nextflow and Nextflow Tower, we are eager to learn more about the different needs of the community. The expectations and…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenJan 27, 2021

Sharing is Caring

The First Anniversary Release This month we celebrate the birthday of the Tower project, introduced one year ago! 🎉🎉 A lot has changed in…

Paolo Di Tommaso
Paolo Di TommasoOct 08, 2020

Tower Cloud Launch

Today marks quite an update in the Nextflow Tower project. The months in lockdown have been intense for our team, and it is a credit to…

Paolo Di Tommaso
Paolo Di TommasoJun 02, 2020

Introducing Nextflow Tower - Seamless monitoring of data analysis workflows from anywhere

The past month Seqera introduced Nextflow Tower, a management and monitoring system for Nextflow data analysis pipeline applications. Tower…

Paolo Di Tommaso
Paolo Di TommasoOct 08, 2019

Day one

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Seqera as a new spin-off from the (CRG) founded by Paolo Di Tommaso…

Evan Floden
Paolo Di Tommaso
Evan Floden & Paolo Di TommasoJun 16, 2019