Our story

Seqera Labs is the leading provider of open source workflow orchestration software needed for data pipeline processing, cloud infrastructure, and secure collaboration.

We created Nextflow frustrated with the challenge of developing and sharing analysis pipelines across infrastructure. By prioritizing a seamless user experience, the project quickly grew from inception to thousands of active users. Along the way, we've defined a new approach to data pipelines with containerized workloads that make the cloud accessible to the next generation of scientists.

Now, we take these core principles and help our customers with their own journey into data collaboration and compliance—at scale.

CTO & Co-founder

Paolo Di Tommaso


CEO & Co-founder, Seqera Labs

Evan Floden


Chief Commercial Officer, Seqera Labs

Robert Lalonde



Empowering scientists everywhere with foundational software for collaborative data analysis

There is a rapidly expanding need for custom pipelines to process complex data. Our mission is to make them run natively on any platform, provide unfettered transparency, and be massively scalable.

"Seqera Labs was created to solve the enormous challenges that exist in data analysis. We've already seen its success in healthcare and the life sciences, and now we're bringing its power to other industries. We aim to achieve this by delivering high quality, massively scalable, robust technology solutions with a human touch."

Evan Floden, CEO & Co-founder at Seqera Labs


A better world through accelerated scientific discovery

From personalized immunogenic vaccines to new diagnostics, our customers are performing the most critical work on this planet. We believe in a future where scientific applications and massive datasets join forces to deliver incredible outcomes. Our global health and prosperity depend on it.