Pioneering cloud in life science

We started Nextflow frustrated with the challenge of developing and sharing analysis pipelines across infrastructure. By envisioning the rise of cloud, containers and by prioritizing a seamless user experience, the Nextflow project grew from inception to over ten thousand active users.
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Discover our essence

We are a symphony of diverse, curious minds united by a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Our DNA is coded with collaboration, openness, and the courage to redefine boundaries. We don't just work with principles; we bring them to life.

Our defiance of the status quo fuels our vision for a future unrestrained by the limits of scientific innovation. When you join us, you don't just take a job; you embark on a mission to unlock the unknown.

Embrace our uniqueness

In the heart of Seqera beats a passion for transforming complexity into clarity. We make scientific analysis accessible, becoming a catalyst for innovation in fields that matter—from genomics to global health.

Our team are the masterminds crafting the tools that arm scientists to confront the formidable challenges of today and tomorrow. We empower organizations to accelerate their research, scale new heights with vast datasets, and approach science with newfound confidence.

Experience our dynamic

We are accelerating groundbreaking discoveries and fostering a culture of scientific inquiry that transcends borders.

We champion an open culture where creativity thrives through our dynamic daily interactions. Our team is a testament to the power of unity, working seamlessly across continents to revolutionize the way common tools are utilized in science. By joining Seqera, you're not just changing jobs; you're shaping the future of science.

Our core principles

Open source at heart, community driven by default. Building diverse teams with an inclusive culture is a core value at Seqera.

We believe that creating a welcoming and engaging experience for all our employees, partners and community members around the world enables each of us to bring their best selves to work.

By doing this, we increase our ability to drive innovation and make better decisions in our quest to delight and serve our customers and partners.

We do what’s right

Our actions are driven by a commitment to the greater good.

Every day, we strive to make a positive impact, mitigating the challenges that scientists and organizations encounter, enabling them to forge new pathways and improve the human experience.

We dare to challenge

The universe, with its boundless opportunities, fuels our dreams and pursuit of knowledge.

We refuse to settle for the status quo, constantly pushing beyond what others believe is possible. We challenge ourselves in every endeavor.

We are tenacious

Valuable accomplishments demand effort and persistence. The road is full of obstacles and we are committed to rising each time. We thrive by working hard on hard problems - pushing through when most give up. A relentless pursuit of excellence to create transformative change.

We embrace open

Everyone should be free to participate, contribute, and cooperate to improve technology. Fostering this is beneficial and an essential part of our core mission. We play a vital role in open science and advocate for FAIR scientific communities. This spirit of openness permeates all levels of our work, from software development to communications and peer feedback.

Ready for a new challenge at Seqera?

Join an incredibly talented and experienced team from around the world!