Data pipelines into the clouds & beyond.

Scaleable open-source solutions from the developers of Nextflow.

Workflows that work for you

Seqera Labs builds software to support your data pipelines

We enable users to monitor, optimize and deploy workloads in highly regulated environments. Forget about cloud migration, scaling-up or being locked-in.

We are bringing the full potential of Nextflow to the enterprise, ensuring success at every step from development to take-off.

We love open source

Committed to improving Nextflow as an open source technology.

Nextflow is a fast-growing scientific workflow orchestrator that is widely used for deploying data-intensive pipelines. It has been embraced worldwide by the biopharma, clinical diagnostic and biotech industries along with renowned scientific institutions.

Founded by the creators of Nextflow, Seqera Labs mission is to foster the adoption of professional open source software and strengthen the community effort around the Nextflow ecosystem.

Redefining the workflow experience

Nextflow Tower provides a command-post for highly distributed, infrastructure agnostic computation. Monitor workflows running anywhere from everywhere.

Support plans for the Nextflow ecosystem

Expertise and support for every step of your Nextflow journey

We provide premium support and maintenance updates for users and organizations running production applications and critical analysis workloads.

Deploy your applications with confidence in either on-premise or cloud environments.

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Support plan for users deploying critical workloads and requiring support from our Nextflow experts

  • Maintenance releases
  • Bug fixes on last stable release
  • Unlimited Support Incidents
  • Private Issue tracking
  • Private support channel
  • SLA: same business day

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Designed for enterprise users needing long-term support, custom integrations and deployments

  • Maintenance releases
  • Bug fixes up to 2 years old stable release
  • Unlimited Support Incidents
  • Private Issue tracking
  • Private support channel
  • Phone/Video support
  • Application code review
  • SLA: same business day
  • Enterprise extensions package

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Learn from the source

We organize training events for your team or organization. These are intended for anyone who wishes to learn about the technology, starting from basic through to advanced concepts.

Our most popular intensive two-day course includes topics on containerization, cloud deployment, Git integration and best practices for reproducibility. With talks, demonstrations and hands-on sessions, let's maximise your workflow potential together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Seqera Labs offers professional services from Nextflow experts who can help assist your team jumpstart their workflow development.

No. Nextflow is distributed as free open source software under the Apache 2.0 license. Nextflow Tower is available as a beta cloud service at and is also distributed as free open source software under Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Please do! The only limitation is to not use it to identify a commercial product. See the Nextflow trademark policy for more details.

Our team

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Co-director & Co-founder

Evan Floden

Co-director & Co-founder