Geraldine Van der Auwera joins Seqera

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Seqera as Lead Developer Advocate. My mission is to support the growth of the Nextflow user…

Geraldine Van der Auwera
Geraldine Van der AuweraOct 11, 2023

The State of the Workflow 2023: Community Survey Results

In March, we ran our annual State of the Workflow Community survey to get a sense of activities and preferences in the Nextflow user…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenApr 25, 2023

The State of the Workflow 2023: The Nextflow and nf-core community survey

This is a special year for Nextflow, as we will be celebrating in a couple of weeks its 10th anniversary. With a vibrant community of over…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenMar 01, 2023

Nextflowomics: Untangling Biology with Data Analysis Pipelines

The word omics refers to the high throughput measurement of particular biological molecules. For example, genomics is the study of all…

Harshil Patel
Harshil PatelJul 18, 2022

The State of the Workflow 2022: Community Survey Results

With 384 responses, we received record-breaking participation in our latest State of the Workflow community survey. We are thrilled to…

Gord Sissons
Gord SissonsMay 23, 2022

Phil Ewels joins Seqera

Introduction I’m really excited to announce that after eight wonderful years at SciLifeLab, I will soon be starting a new position at Seqera…

Phil Ewels
Phil EwelsMar 22, 2022

State of the Workflow 2022: The Nextflow and nf-core community survey

The Nextflow community has continued to grow over the past year with over 10,000 scientists, engineers and developers now reading our…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenFeb 08, 2022

Announcing the Nextflow Tower CLI

We’re excited to release the Nextflow Tower CLI, available for all platforms on GitHub today. Users have been asking for the ability to…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenDec 14, 2021

Introducing Harshil Patel, Head of Scientific Development

WOWZAS! It has been a crazy few years… all of a sudden, I find myself as Head of Scientific Development at Seqera! For the benefit of those…

Harshil Patel
Harshil PatelNov 22, 2021

Introducing the Tower Cloud Community Workspace

A ready-to-go analysis environment with gold-standard nf-core pipelines Tower Cloud is a hosted instance of Nextflow Tower available at http…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenOct 22, 2021

Personalized Immunotherapy – Machine Learning meets Next Generation Sequencing

Gritstone bio, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing next generation cancer and infectious disease immunotherapies…

Robert Lalonde
Robert LalondeAug 02, 2021

nf-core June 2021 Updates - The latest news from the nf-core team

The nf-core project fosters collaborative development and best-practices for the Nextflow community. Now counted in the thousands of users…

Phil Ewels
Phil EwelsJul 02, 2021

RNA Society Hosts APAeval Challenge on Nextflow Tower

The RNA Society is hosting APAeval, a community effort to evaluate computational methods for the detection and quantification of poly(A…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenJun 03, 2021

The State of Nextflow 2021

In February 2021, Seqera ran the first-ever State of the Nextflow Community Survey. We received a great response rate with 236 participants…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenMar 10, 2021

State of Nextflow Survey 2021

As more users adopt Nextflow and Nextflow Tower, we are eager to learn more about the different needs of the community. The expectations and…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenJan 27, 2021

Tower API & Docs release

Tower API & Docs release - Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable. Tower was released just over one year ago to…

Evan Floden
Evan FlodenNov 05, 2020

Sharing is Caring

The First Anniversary Release This month we celebrate the birthday of the Tower project, introduced one year ago! 🎉🎉 A lot has changed in…

Paolo Di Tommaso
Paolo Di TommasoOct 08, 2020

Day one

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Seqera as a new spin-off from the (CRG) founded by Paolo Di Tommaso…

Evan Floden
Paolo Di Tommaso
Evan Floden & Paolo Di TommasoJun 16, 2019