Chris Hakkaart
Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas
Rob Syme
Several speakersJul 17, 2023

Learning Nextflow in 2023

Rob Syme tells us about new Nextflow training material and opportunities to learn Nextflow in 2023.

In this News and Views episode, Chris Hakkaart and Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas talk to Rob Syme about the exciting new Nextflow training material and ways to learn Nextflow in 2023.

Nextflow training

We covered the following topics in this episode:

  • Community training material is available and open to community contributions.
  • Training material now focuses on Nextflow DSL2.
  • Previous community training has been hosted online for different time zones and for those who speak different languages.
  • Previous training sessions are available on YouTube.
  • New “advanced” training material has been developed and will help users elevate their Nextflow skills.
  • Two community training events are being held in September 2023 for foundational and advanced users.

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