Noel Ortiz
Noel OrtizOct 18, 2023

Introducing the Seqera Platform - one platform for the data analysis lifecycle

We have a new logo, a new design, and many exciting improvements in store for you!

Four years after our initial launch of Tower in 2019, and 10,000+ users and 200 million CPU hours later, we are delighted to announce that Tower is now Seqera — a single platform for the data analysis lifecycle.

We’ve chosen the occasion of the Nextflow Summit, our largest community event and annual European conference, to announce and unveil a new roadmap and vision for the Seqera platform (formerly Tower). Over time, the platform will become even more user-friendly and powerful.

While the underlying platform remains the same, over time you can expect Seqera to become even more scalable, flexible and capable. In the coming weeks and months, you will see references to Tower replaced across product documentation and communications. In addition, soon we will introduce significant new functionality to support all aspects of the scientific discovery lifecycle.

Seqera is a collaborative platform that maximizes research productivity by enabling data analysis at scale, on-premises, or in any cloud. Based on an open science foundation, Seqera simplifies complex tasks with an intuitive interface for launching, monitoring, and managing data analysis pipelines and compute environments.

Built for open science

A key motivation for renaming the platform is to emphasize Seqera as supporting collaborative research based on an open science foundation. The Seqera platform combines the best of Seqera’s foundational open source and key technologies, including Nextflow, MultiQC, Wave, and Fusion, while embracing open standards, datasets, pipelines, and third-party tools to help maximize research productivity.

Our aim is to be relentlessly open, supporting the industry’s broadest range of clouds, compute environments, container registries, source code managers, data stores, and filesystems. We aim to provide customers with complete flexibility and full control over their pipelines, data, and research. Unlike third-party research analysis platforms that take a “walled garden approach,” ingesting data and locking users into their platform or cloud, Seqera works with your existing data and compute infrastructure wherever it resides.

As we continue to evolve Seqera, users can expect to see new functionality, including capabilities to securely explore, manage, and visualize data, enhanced reporting and analytics, and new features for data scientists and analysts, including integrated notebooks, support for interactive genomics viewers (IGVs), enhanced machine learning (ML) support and more.

Getting started

Seqera Cloud is free to use. Users can join anytime and get started running community or in-house developed pipelines and analyzing data in their choice of cloud.

Large organizations that need to support many users, workspaces, and concurrent runs can optionally subscribe to Seqera Cloud Professional, a fully managed service provided by Seqera. Customers who prefer to host and manage the Seqera environment themselves on-premises or in their preferred cloud can elect to use Seqera Enterprise for maximum flexibility.

Whether you have been using Tower for years or are just getting started, we welcome you to Seqera ⎯ the modern biotech stack.

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