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Maximize productivity by enabling collaborative data analysis at scale, on-premises or in any cloud.

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Nextflow Tower is an intuitive centralized command post that enables data analysis at scale. With Tower, users can easily launch, manage, and monitor scalable Nextflow data analysis pipelines and compute environments on-premises or across the cloud providers of their choice.

The fully integrated solution for distributed data analysis
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Features and integrations

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Choose between Tower Cloud and self-hosted Tower Enterprise and bring the full potential of Nextflow to your entire organization. Launch, manage, and monitor massively scalable pipelines in any environment – from workstations to on-premises clusters, to private, hybrid and public clouds. Manage your workflows using an intuitive GUI, powerful CLI, or flexible API.

Tower CLI & open API

Create, monitor & manage

Tower is a full-stack application for the management of data pipelines and compute resources. The CLI offers a flexible, developer friendly experience, providing access to the rich Tower functionality through an efficient scriptable interface. Resources can be described in a declarative manner allowing for infrastructure as code. Tower's API is built on the OpenAPI 3.0 specification providing full control of the application and enabling maximum insights into workflows and their execution environments.

The fully integrated solution for distributed data analysis
The fully integrated solution for distributed data analysis

In good company

World-class users and global

Nextflow Tower helps to accelerate research by enabling secure sharing and collaboration on public and private pipelines among local and remote teams. Researchers can focus on the science that matters rather than worrying about infrastructure management. Compliance is greatly simplified with predictable, auditable pipeline execution and the ability to reliably reproduce results obtained with specific data sets and pipeline versions on demand.


Tower Enterprise

Nextflow Tower maximizes productivity by enabling collaborative data analysis at scale, on-premises or in any cloud. Tower simplifies complex tasks with an intuitive interface for launching, monitoring, and managing both data analysis pipelines and compute environments. Tower Enterprise includes the following features.

  • Launch, manage & monitor Nextflow pipelines
  • Provision and manage compute environments
  • Intuitive Launchpad interface
  • Run pipelines on any environment
  • Collaborate and share data securely
  • Access libraries of production proven pipelines
  • Workflow tracking, provenance and history
  • Restful API for enterprise integrations
  • SCM integrations, Private Git repositories
  • Comprehensive reporting and metrics
  • Cloud storage integrations
  • Automated pipeline actions
  • Centralized credential management
  • Commercial full-stack support
  • Support for community & inhouse pipelines
  • CLI – infrastructure-as-code

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