Phil Ewels
Chris Hakkaart
Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas
Several speakersMay 22, 2023

Summer podcast season, Nextflow release highlights.

Welcome back to the Summer 2023 series of the Channels Podcast! In this episode we kick things off with some of the highlights from the latest Nextflow releases. There were a lot of goodies in there..

In this News and Views episode, Phil Ewels, Chris Hakkaart and Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas discuss the hottest topics in the Nextflow world.

Welcome back to the Summer Season

We’re back with another season of the coolest Nextflow podcast! - The plan is to have a new episode every two weeks - We will focus more on technical content, specially new Nextflow features - Semi-regularly, we’ll have developer guests to talk about changes and updates

23.04.x NF releases

  • Multiple things that were discussed in the past and publicized in edge releases finally made their way in a stable release
    • this includes the fair process directive, Fusion, the Flux executor, Sarus container engine and the Spack package manager
  • Apptainer is a new container engine supported by Nextflow
  • New config option conda.channels
  • Support to rclone and fcp for file transfer (stageOutMode)
  • Support for AWS S3 Glacier
  • Support for S3 storage with publishDir

23.05.0-edge NF release

  • Custom root directory for relative paths: NXF_FILE_ROOT
  • New process directive: arch for Spack
  • New CLI option: -depth for cloning git repos
  • New channel operator: splitJson
  • Documentation is finally Markdown!

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