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Microsoft Azure meets Nextflow

Azure is a leading enterprise cloud platform and an excellent choice for executing Nextflow data pipelines.

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Enterprise-ready match

Nextflow is highly integrated into Azure and Azure Batch

Nextflow and Azure are an excellent combination whether you are building your own cloud clusters, bursting an on-premise cluster, or running on Azure Batch or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Enterprise-grade deployments

Accelerate breakthroughs with Nextflow and Azure

Nextflow users can easily select Azure Batch as an executor and utilize Azure Blob Storage for storing data for their pipelines. Batch, in turn, autoscales the pools of compute nodes and schedules tasks to run on the nodes. Users only need to specify a base configuration, such as the number of CPUs, the region, and the storage account that they wish to use in order to seamlessly execute their containerized pipelines on Azure.

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