Phil Ewels
Phil EwelsJul 02, 2021

nf-core June 2021 Updates - The latest news from the nf-core team

The nf-core project fosters collaborative development and best-practices for the Nextflow community. Now counted in the thousands of users (, we provide over 50 ready-to-use Nextflow pipelines as well as a suite of helper tools and templates.

nf core stats june 2021

The nf-core community has had a busy few months as always. The march towards Nextflow DSL2 continues with work focussing on three areas: the pipeline template, pipeline helper tools and the nf-core/modules repository. The next release of nf-core/tools will ship with a DSL2 template, which is now becoming relatively stable. There are now 198 different tool wrappers available in nf-core/tools which anyone can use in their DSL2 pipeline. Just run nf-core modules install and the helper tools will do the rest.

Our nf-core/bytesize seminar series has been doing well, with regular 15 minute talks each Tuesday. Talks are live-streamed to Youtube and available to watch on-demand, complete with written transcripts. We have now covered 18 different topics with material both for beginners and experienced developers. Visit to see what’s available. Next up after the summer, we will have a number of nf-core community members present specific pipelines that they have developed.

There have also been several pipeline releases over the past few months, with a totally new pipeline dedicated to downloading genomics data from public repositories ( The nf-core/viralrecon pipeline continues to get new features and foster adoption across the community, and work is also starting on a new pipeline for clinical use with rare disease diagnosis ( We’re happy to see a number of nf-core pipelines be featured in peer reviewed publications, such as the recent paper about the nf-core/diaproteomics pipeline. To see a complete list, visit

nf-core is a fun and inspiring group of people; everyone is always welcome to join us at