Robert Lalonde
Robert LalondeJan 14, 2021

Grid Engine Support for Tower Workloads

Today we are pleased to announce Tower support for Grid Engine workload manager as a target execution platform for Nextflow data pipelines. This includes support for open source Grid Engine variants and the popular Univa Grid Engine, recently acquired by Altair Engineering Inc. Grid Engine continues to be widely deployed in the life sciences community, a trend that started in the early days of Grid Engine’s evolution as far back as Sun Microsystems.

“Grid Engine is a very popular workload and resource management solution in the life sciences world” said Paolo Di Tommaso, CTO and co-founder of Seqera. “We are pleased to enable this integration for Nextflow Tower users that maintain large on-premise and cloud investments, so that data pipeline workloads can run alongside a wide variety of other HPC workloads”.

Seqera’s Tower solution provides the ability to launch, manage and monitor data pipelines on a wide range of on-premise and cloud infrastructure allowing customers to build better pipelines, reduce costs and improve time to results. Tower runs on top of the widely-deployed Nextflow open source framework.

“Altair Grid Engine is a cornerstone component of our life sciences customer’s HPC infrastructure. Our customers run Grid Engine to boost performance, improve research productivity, and reduce time to results” said Bill Bryce, VP Product Management for Altair Corporation. “The Seqera Tower integration brings a powerful data pipeline solution to the Grid Engine customer base making it easy to share the cluster with genomics workloads alongside the wide variety of HPC workloads run by our customers.”

Want to try out the Tower integration with your Grid Engine environment? Try our hosted, free solution at Want to schedule a demonstration or discussion, hit us up here.