SeqeraOct 18, 2023

Seqera set sails with Alinghi Red Bull Racing as official high performance computing supplier

Barcelona, 18th October 2023: Seqera, the leading software provider for complex data analysis in the life sciences space, has been confirmed as the official High Performance Computing Supplier for Alinghi Red Bull Racing at the 37th America’s Cup.

Seqera as official high performance computing supplier for Alinghi Red Bull Racing

Just as in sailing where understanding data to improve the margins can result in the biggest breakthroughs, Seqera’s software empowers scientists to optimize their research processes and accelerate scientific innovation.

After being the first European team to win the America’s Cup in 2003, Alinghi joined forces with Red Bull in 2022 to create a new team setting out to win the 37th America’s Cup. Known for its development of cutting-edge technology and high-performance culture, Alinghi Red Bull Racing strives to use insights and data analytics through innovations that can make all the difference when it comes to sailing.

As the official High Performance Computing Supplier, Seqera will be supporting the Alinghi Red Bull Racing team to make data analysis and decision making easier and more effective.

“We are delighted to have Seqera join us as suppliers in our America’s Cup campaign. With the amount of data handling required in modern America’s Cup campaigns, a world of class infrastructure is paramount, which makes Seqera a natural fit for our team.”

Silvio Arrivabene, co-general Manager Alinghi Red Bull Racing

“We are long time admirers of the approach that Alinghi Red Bull Racing takes to sailing. This admiration comes from a sense of shared values and a willingness to prioritize technology and performance to drive innovation. When Alinghi and Red Bull combined forces it was exciting to see the parallels between F1 and sailing technology which are being applied to gain maximum performance from the boats used. Likewise, the work that we do at Seqera helps engineers and scientists drive innovation – and these advances all come down to understanding data and consolidating computing infrastructure. We’re delighted to come aboard the Alinghi Red Bull Racing team and look forward to working with a team that is as passionate about data and technology as we are.”

Evan Floden, Founder and CEO of Seqera

About Seqera

Seqera makes complex data analysis accessible at any scale by providing the tools to drive innovation in genomics, global health, and beyond. The company provides software for scientists solving today’s most complex and important challenges from pioneering innovative therapeutics to unveiling the secrets of our universe. The journey began a decade ago with Nextflow — open software that helps over 100,000 global scientists analyze and process data, with more power and flexibility than ever before. Today, Seqera consolidates fragmented data and diverse computing resources into a unified platform. Their modern biotech stack is trusted by 150 leading life sciences organizations including AstraZeneca, Roche, and Johnson & Johnson. Empowered with modern software engineering, organizations conduct science faster, on larger datasets, and with more confidence. Seqera accelerates discoveries in an open world.

About Alinghi Red Bull Racing

After over a decade away from the Cup, Alinghi, one of the most dynamic names in the history of the America’s Cup, is returning to battle for sailing’s highest honour. The consecutive-winning syndicate joins forces with Red Bull, the driving force in global sport, to create a new team: Alinghi Red Bull Racing. The team sails under the flag of the Société Nautique de Genève and is accompanied by its main partner Swiss watch brand TUDOR and co-partner Prysmian Group. The official Swiss challenger will compete in the Selection Series for the 37th America’s Cup, in 2024 in Barcelona. The countdown has begun!