Nov 09, 2023 | 6:00pm CET | webinar

AVITI Analysis with Seqera: Flexible, powerful, and secure cloud-based analysis for all

Webinar hosted by Element Biosciences


Turning your sequencing data into scientific insights can be challenging. Element Bioscience and Seqera have partnered to create a seamless experience for scientists who need a customizable, robust, massively scalable data analysis pipeline that can accommodate even the highest volume experiments.

  • Learn more about Seqera’s platform and how to reduce pipeline runtime and cloud spending by using scalable cloud-based infrastructure more efficiently.
  • Understand how to leverage community pipelines, modules, and tools to reduce development and maintenance efforts by up to 80%.
  • See a demonstration of Element data analysis with Seqera software, designed for ease of use by bioinformatics experts and non-experts alike.
  • Review a real-world case study of a high sample volume human whole genome sequencing project using Element’s end-to-end sample prep, AVITI sequencing and Seqera analysis.
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Harshil Patel

Harshil Patel

PhD, Head of Scientific Development at Seqera

Bryan Lajoie

Bryan Lajoie

Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Informatics, Element Biosciences