Tessera Therapeutics

Tessera Therapeutics are pioneers in a new category of genetic medicine and rely heavily on genomic analysis pipelines to identify promising new treatments. By using Seqera Platform from Seqera to manage analysis pipelines, Tessera increased its analysis throughput and research productivity while simultaneously containing cloud spending by using resources more efficiently.

Tessera Therapeutics are the innovators behind Gene Writing and Gene Rewriting, new biotechnologies designed to offer scientists and clinicians the ability to write small and large therapeutic messages into the genome, with the potential to treat and cure diseases at their source. Gene Writing holds the potential to become a new category in genetic medicine, building on recent breakthroughs in gene therapy and gene editing while eliminating important limitations in their reach, utilization, and efficacy.

Developing new therapeutics depends on their ability to identify and organize mobile genetic element sequences for multiple species from different genome databases and identify and prioritize promising protein and DNA signatures. Gene Writer proteins can be delivered by RNA or DNA, and research teams extensively use RNASeq and a variety of other pipelines for analysis.

Tessera Therapeutics began shifting to Nextflow for most of its analysis pipelines a few years ago. Today, most pipelines are implemented in Nextflow. To boost productivity, Tessera decided to deploy Seqera Platform from Seqera — a management platform for Nextflow workflows designed to enable collaborative data analysis at scale.

Seqera Platform also helped simplify the management of cloud resources. With Tower Forge, appropriate AWS Batch resources are deployed automatically and only when they are needed, improving efficiency and helping Tessera run more analysis workloads for a given level of cloud spending.

“Using Tower has helped us save time and resources. In addition to improving research productivity, our IT team’s workload has been reduced considerably. This means we have more time to dedicate to more productive tasks.”
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