Noel Ortiz
Noel OrtizNov 14, 2023

Seqera at ASHG 2023

Last week, the American Society of Human and Genetics held its annual meeting in Washington, DC, running Nov 1-5, 2023. The meeting drew more than 8,000 genetics professionals and industry partners from around the world to learn about the latest in genomics and genetics research.

The Seqera team, including bioinformaticians, and product experts were at the conference, hosting live demonstrations of the new Seqera Platform, unveiled at the Nextflow Summit in Barcelona.

Seqera also presented a poster under the OMICS Technologies conference track. The poster focused on enabling large-scale data analysis pipelines (e.g., genome sequencing, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.) and using novel technology approaches to enable and accelerate scientific discovery.

Accelerating scientific discovery

Unlike other conference tracks, Seqera’s poster talk, led by Seqera CEO and cofounder Evan Floden, focused more on technique than on disease- or biology-specific questions. The poster described practical challenges in scaling bioinformatics analysis and how leveraging best practices and foundational open science technologies can accelerate scientific research.

Seqera also explained how conference participants can leverage high-quality bioinformatics pipelines developed by nf-core⎯a community effort to collect a curated set of analysis pipelines and modules built using Nextflow.

Evan focused on foundational open-source components of Seqera’s platform for scientific data analysis, including Nextflow (workflow management), MultiQC (reporting and analytics), and Wave, a container provisioning technology recently open-sourced by Seqera. He also introduced Fusion, a distributed lightweight file system for cloud-native pipelines proven to accelerate genomics analysis while dramatically reducing processing and storage costs.

By leveraging these and other technologies in concert with various cloud platforms, Seqera has been able to demonstrate compelling quantitative benefits, including:

  • Reducing pipeline runtimes by up to 40%1
  • Reducing cloud spending by up to 85%1
  • A 2.2x throughput gain vs Amazon S32
  • Combined compute and storage costs savings of up to 76%2

Download the ebook Six ways to slash your cloud computing bill for details on these benefits. You can also download the free whitepaper, Breakthrough performance, and cost-efficiency with the new Fusion file system.

You can download a PDF copy of Seqera’s poster presentation by clicking on this link or the poster image below:

blog ashg 2023 poster

Washington DC Seqera Sessions

Seqera also hosted the Seqera Sessions social event for customers and partners attending ASHG at Washington’s iconic Supra restaurant. Seqera led a lively and engaging discussion about various approaches to accelerating scientific innovation, leveraging open science technologies, and reducing costs in the cloud.

During the evening session, Seqera previewed Data Studios⎯a solution that can dramatically improve research productivity by enabling scientists to use familiar interactive data science and development tools such as Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, and VSCode to view and analyze data and results in context.

Learning more

Learn more about recent open science innovations in the Seqera Platform by viewing Evan’s talk, The modern biotech stack, or visiting

1How to slash cloud spending with the Seqera platform

2Breakthrough performance and cost-efficiency with the new Fusion file system