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AWS meets Nextflow

The AWS cloud is an ideal platform to provide an agile compute-environment for executing Nextflow data pipelines.

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Transparency at scale

Nextflow is highly integrated into AWS capabilities

Whether you are building your own cloud clusters, bursting an on-premise cluster, or running on AWS Batch or Kubernetes, Nextflow and AWS are a perfect pairing. Easily run data pipeline workloads on AWS Batch and set up quickly using our unique Tower Forge capabilities.

Our customers love Nextflow on AWS

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Flexible deployment

Accelerate breakthroughs, whatever your stack.

However you want to work on AWS, we have the support—giving you ultimate flexibility. The Nextflow Enterprise Extension Pack (X-PACK) provides advanced storage capabilities to leverage FSx for Lustre and FUSE S3 for added performance and stability.

Check out the reference architecture for running Seqera Platform on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), or get up and running with ECS CloudFormation templates. The Tower Forge product can provision the entire AWS Batch stack so your team can spend more time on what matters most: the science.

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