Seqera Sessions, London

March 21, 2024 | 10:00 AM BST

Join us for a training and networking session where you will learn the fundamentals of using Nextflow, connect with fellow industry peers, and learn how the industry is accelerating scientific innovation with open-source data pipeline software.

The founders of Nextflow and Seqera are coming to London this March to discuss how bioinformatics software provides biotech and pharma researchers with the tools they need to work more effectively.

We'll be at the Derbyshire House in London, where you'll have the opportunity to learn and network with peers from the local scientific community and the Seqera team. Join us to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Nextflow thanks to our morning hands-on training for those who are new to the Nextflow community, and get exclusive swag.
  • Hear the latest best practices and developments in the management of bioinformatics pipelines
  • Hear the latest best practices and developments in the management of bioinformatics pipelines
  • Learn how to use open-source software to collaborate on large-scale genomic analysis securely
  • Get a live demo of the Seqera Platform and see how to launch and monitor workflows at scale in a cloud environment

We are charging a minimal fee for the morning Nextflow training to cover the training costs. Those who participate will receive a certificate of attendance after the training.

Registrations for Nextflow Training are SOLD OUT. But you can still have the opportunity to join the afternoon sessions starting at 2:30 PM for free submitting the form.

Space is limited at this event, so register soon to secure your spot.


  • 10:00 AM – Training: Arrival and Registrations
  • 10:30 AM – Training: Pipeline from Zero to Cloud: Reproducible Research at Velocity and Scale with Nextflow
  • 1:30 PM – Lunch for trainees
  • 2:30 PM – Sessions: Arrivals and Registrations
  • 3:00 PM – Seqera Presentation and Demo: Evan Floden, CEO & Co-founder, Seqera
  • 3:20 PM – Industry Roundtable followed by Q&A with Adrianto Wirawan (Genomics England), Evan Floden (Seqera), Brendan Bouffler (AWS), and more to be announced.
  • 4:00 PM – Networking over drinks and appetizers
  • 5:30 PM – End

Register to the Seqera Sessions for free

The Nextflow training is now closed but you can still register to the sessions

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Adam Talbot

Adam Talbot

Bioinformatics Engineer
Chris Hakkaart

Chris Hakkaart

Developer advocate, Seqera
Anna Pedrals

Anna Pedrals

Marketing Associate
Ashwini Thillai

Ashwini Thillai

Site Reliability Engineer in R&D