Mar 16, 2022 | 10:00am CET | workshop

Hackathon - March 2022

Hackathon hosted by nf-core focusing on documentation for pipelines, DSL2/modules, training, and website organization.

Hackathon - March 2022


This hackathon is going to be hyper-focused on documentation. We’ll be running through tutorials, commands, phrasing and descriptions, and much more.

Participants will be split into 4 groups, focusing on: Pipeline documentation, DSL2 / modules documentation, Training documentation, and Website tasks and nf-core/tools package documentation.

Due to diverse timelines, we expect people to check in and out, as works best for you.

For a detailed schedule, head over to the page on the nf-core website.

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10:00 CET March 16th

Welcome event is set to start.

16:00 CET on the 18th

We'll wrap up around 16:00