Evan FlodenMar 31, 2021

Nextflow for the DNAnexus Platform

Seqera Labs and DNAnexus Jointly Announce the Availability of Nextflow for the DNAnexus Platform

Over the past months, the Seqera Labs and DNAnexus’ teams have been working together to bring the support for DNAnexus cloud platform to Nextflow. We are extremely excited to announce today the beta availability of the Nextflow app for DNAnexus, implemented by Seqera Labs.

Nextflow is a popular workflow engine supporting a wide range of batch schedulers and public cloud providers. Many users and customers required deployments of their Nextflow pipelines on DNAnexus, the multi-omics discovery platform which implements state-of-the-art data management and security for the life sciences industry.

This new solution allows DNAnexus customers to leverage new or existing Nextflow pipelines as native platform apps and to manage their data analyses collaboratively all within the familiar DNAnexus environment.

While DNAnexus customers could previously run Nextflow through Cloud Workstation or JupyterLab terminal, this integration extends the Nextflow runtime by providing enterprise-level scalability and performance on the DNAnexus platform. Customers already using Nextflow do not need to change code in their pipelines, and it gives them access to the thousands of publicly available Nextflow pipelines from the community. It also ensures that DNAnexus users can leverage the full orchestration of native Nextflow with the guarantee that changes to the Nextflow syntax or runtime are fully conformant with the DNAnexus platform.

Want to learn more?

For customers that want more information or to participate in the beta program, please reach out to us at:

You can also learn more about the release during the May 20 webinar (8 a.m. PT). Sign up now to save your seat.